B2B Sales Manager in Malaysia

Our company specializes in 3 different sectors; Corporate services, Investments and Trade. This particular position is for our corporate service department.

Short description

As B2B Sales Manager at Stankevicius you will be required to engage with new and existing business clients in your area. You will be selling marketing and branding solutions for SMEs and corporates. 


- Finding potential customers in your local area
- Cold calling, cold emailing, attending meetings
- Closing new deals every month with local companies
- Making presentations
- Keeping strong follow ups with clients  
- Looking for possible partnerships and new ways for our company expansion to your local area
- Being active on social media in your area and trying to reach community not just offline but also online


- Bachelor Degree
- Advanced English language speaking and written
- Experience in sales minimum of 1 year
- Experience in B2B sales at least 6 months 
- Knowledge how to use Google Drive Presentations
- Must have LinkedIn profile
- Must be active on social media


- You will increase your abilities in sales and negotiation process
- You will establish great connections with companies which can be very benefitial in the future for your career development

Salary terms

This job is not hourly restricted. You have your freedom. You can earn particulary well enough accordingly to your efforts and work results. The salary is based on % on the deals you will close. An average amount per year is over 50,000$ for an average B2B Sales Manager.


You will be representing our company in your local area. We expect high level communication and business look when it comes to meetings. Professional attitude is a must.

How to apply?

Send us your CV and an open letter directly to our email by clicking the link below. Include your Linkedin and Facebook accounts.

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