E-trader trainee Worldwide

Our company is starting security trading by the end of 2017. We are currently launching a trainee program to recruit potential e-traders for our security trading department.

About the program

Our trainee program is between 3-6 months. During this time all candidates will be tested very highly. Candidates will be using custom trade platform and work with a demo account. Initially demo account will have 20.000 euros. If a candidate loses the money, demo account will automatically add 20.000 euros more.

During the 1st half of the program which is 3 months, candidates are limited to 60.000 euros, meaning they can run out of budget 2 times. If a candidate during the first 3 months loses more than 60.000 euros, he/she will be eliminated from the program.

During the 2nd half of the program, candidates will start fresh with 20.000 euros of demo money and will not be allowed to run out. The ones that run out will be eliminated and the ones that succeed will be evaluated further for actual employment.  

Focus and learning

We recommend to focus on 1-5 securities and master them instead of investing and focusing on many of different securities. You can work on stocks, commodities, currencies etc. We want to see your commitment to your chosen 1-5 securities. During the first 3 months we want to see your knowledge and expertise growth in your particular securities. You should make reports regarding your successful and failed trades. The reports are to have personal evaluation and risk management.

Time management

We recommend to spend 3-6 hours per day on e-trading for the first half of the program. If you get to the 2nd half then you should be able to spend 5-10 hours per day in order to succeed.


It is recommended for a candidate to have prior e-trading experience


For questions please email us with a subject line "E-trader position" at careers@stankevicius.co

How to apply?

Send us your trading history, CV and a cover letter directly to our email by clicking the link below. Include your Linkedin account direct link.

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